IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people believe that it is better to grow up children in cities rather than in the countryside.

Discuss both the view and give your opinion.

Bringing up offspring with best facilities has been a challenge for the parents since ancient time. Some believe that villages are preferable place for rearing children; however, others strongly oppose the idea. Anyway, to my consideration city is the better place where young people can have better schooling, highly trained teachers, high-tech amusement facilities and the better medical services at the same time.

Country life has many charms to help children's development. First of all, the food from surrounding agro- based farms are definitely fresher than the one available in the city. For instance, preservative free food along with pollution free air boost up the physical growth of the toddlers to the teenagers live in rural area. Additionally, open fields with natural scenic beauty provide them enough space to play that in turn make them not only healthy but also creative.

On the other hand, city life offers schools with modern equipment and proficient teachers. For example, most of the city schools are facilitated with multimedia classroom which are rare in the schools situated in the rural area. It implies that, these high- tech devices and modern teaching methodologies help their cognitive skills to be developed and prepare them for a prosperous life. Last but not the least, better medical facilities add a different dimension to the urban life as without such vital services living could not only be risky but also life threatening.

Finally, although, bringing up a child in countryside has lots of pros, cities can make them adapted for future technological era by providing better education Therefore, I strongly believe that city should be the preferable place to the parents for the optimum growth and development of their children.