IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Advertising discourages people from being different individuals by making us want to be and to look the same.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advertising is a creative industry and a key part of modern business notwithstanding, some people argue that advertising influences the personal features of a man by standardizing a model that everyone wants to become; thus, there is no difference among individuals in society. I strongly disagree with this statement for some reasons below.

Firstly, different person has totally different tastes about one style, trend, or item. Therefore, one fashion trend may be encouraged but in one look, there could be several versions. For example, short hair is a trend in many fashion magazines but still, a woman can choose different styles such as black short hair, red curly one, or straight bob hair. The private characteristics of a person make the same trend specially and individuals choose the suitable style to reflect himself.

Secondly, advertisement accesses customer directly so that it brings everyone more choices. Without advertising we would have less choice by lacking information of the products. It is common that every line of a product has its own advertisement to bring it quickly to customers. For one item such as a watch, Casio which is a watch company has several advertisements for G-shock model for sporty people, dedication leather style for ladies and so on. Another example for sport shoes, people can decide which shoes fit them by watching advertisements of Nike, Skechers, New Balance.

To sum up, despite there exist some opinions about the identical effect of advertising on personal appearance of a man, I strongly believe that advertising could not make the difference of individuals disappear. In contrast, it brings human more choices and boosts various styles of a man.