IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Some people think that in order to prevent illness and disease, governments should make efforts in reducing environmental pollution and housing problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Health concern becomes a hot topic in a global nowadays. Many nations try to find effective measures for the prevention of illness and disease in a community such as tackling environmental pollution or providing housing to citizens. However, some wonder that weather these methods are effective or not.

On the one hand, ameliorating environmental pollution definitely inhibits the spread of diseases as hygiene promotion. In many countries, people’s health is deteriorating from the adverse effects of poor air quality. The dangerous level of exhaust emissions from traffic and industrial activities is very harmful to urban citizens. Inhaling toxic gases for a long time has led to respiratory diseases such as lung cancer or throat cancer. Therefore, improving the environment should be taken as the first step by a government in order to prevent certain diseases. For example, an outright ban on the private vehicles will decrease the amount of harmful fumes that release into the atmosphere significantly.

Moreover, the provision of more accommodation also has a highly effective measure for a city council because of the reduction of health risks in a public. Apparently, there are many poor people live in slums and homelessness in a society, who have poor living conditions and poor accesses to medical services. Living in the poor environmental sanitation is making people more vulnerable to viruses and infectious diseases. In these environments, the risk of epidemic diseases such as malaria is very high which also put the life of poor citizens in jeopardy. Providing more affordable apartment prices for lower income group would not mitigate the lack of housing but also prevent some diseases at an early stage.

To sum up, the environmental pollution and lack of accommodation are the real causes of the proliferation of illness. By providing environmental issues and providing affordable housing prices, the widespread outbreak of illness could be eradicated eventually.