IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Many people believe that formal "pen and paper" examinations are not the best method of assessing education achievement. Discuss this view and give your own opinion.

Traditional examinations with pen and paper play an integral part in evaluating the academic results of the students. Currently, with the development of education system, many people argued that this way is not optimal to assess education achievement. This essay will discuss both pros and cons of this method.

To begin with, there are some positive influences of applying conventional examinations in schools. First and foremost, taking exams makes students have more motivation to study hard. Due to the fact that the formal exams indicate the score and rank of students in the class, pupils will try my best not only to not fall behind with their studies but also to to gain good results. In addition, formal "pen and paper" examinations are equal to all students. In detailed, traditional examinations require students to sit an exam which has the same condition and level so cheating will not occur.

On the other hands, there are some drawbacks of considering formal examinations as the best method to assess the results of students. Firstly, that attending exam is a compulsory way can create irreliable pressure for scholars. It is clearly seen that when students study under pressure, they will fell tired and as a result, these learners will not make the grade in studying. Secondly, "pen and paper" examinations are not fair to students who are bad at performing knowledge in the paper. For instance, a huge number of scholars have the advantages of verbal performance rather than in writing. Others are better at body movements of different talents such as dancing or acting. Therefore, schools should carry out versatile kinds of skills in exams to provide fail opportunities for students who are good at different aspects. Moreover, to remember and use the knowledge in the life, students must practise again and again, hence, continuous assessment at all times ought to implemented to evaluate students'achievements.

In conclusion, although there are a lot of benefits which formal "pen and paper" examinations bring, I strongly believe that the variety of types of examinations is more essential for education in the mordern life.