IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Although more and more people read news on the internet, newspapers will reman the most impotant source of news.

Do you agree or disagree?

Many people argue that the traditional press has kept the most necessary sourse of news, but I think newspaper is not the majority knowledge of news. Nowadays, the large of population search and use informations of news on the internet everyday, so i completely disagree with that view.

On the one hand, there are some reasons to explain for the inhabitant who use internet to reach much useful datas. Firstly, the internet show that the priority in immense storage capacity of vital sourse of information is enormous. For example,if you need to define a data in primary school or university, you just need to open internet to obtain it immediately; however, you may visualise that your house must be contained how much spaces to save a huge book during that time. Secondaly, with the internet age, it is able to draw inspiration and easily access for many people who have demand to read significant information anywhere and anytime such as: underground or bus with connected equipment. Finally, there has been an explosion in the use of platform like Facebook and Twitter where a lot of valuable opinion and information might be interacted together; this is not only enlarge their knowledge but also develop their soft skill after considering news on the internet.

On the other hand, it is clear that athough the internet has rapid growth but the newspapers still have important position of news in generations. It would not be difficult to recognize there are many people prefer keeping their eyes on the line of book to using screen of smart phones or computers. In addition, people who may be not likely to access internet or smater equipment would use traditional newspapers to achieve reports. For example, when we was in primary school in village, we did have hard finance to invest all money in computer having internet connection, therefore we had to go to local postoffice to buy newspaper for children and drawed lots to bing them come back home. Beside, the internet may not be a reliable resource for knowledge since there is often conflicting information where taken from different source, while the traditional press may be believed exactly because of their professional journalists and editor.

In conclusion, both traditional press and source of news on internet have equal importance in considering anything, therefore people may choose resource which they prefer entirely to read.